30 Aug 2012
August 30, 2012

Maharaji on Contentment


Babaji would sometimes talk about contentment in life: “The real contentment comes only when there is no desire, no hankering in your mind for anything. How can you say that you have got everything and do not want anything more when you are holding an empty vessel in your hand? You might be saying this with your mouth, but there would always be the worry in your mind about how the pot could be filled, always looking from side to side with the expectation that somebody will come and fill it up. Well, how can you call this contentment? When one sees that when the pot before him is full to the brim, it is emptied, and when it is empty, it is refilled of its own – that is contentment. If anyone wanted to give him anything, he would show that the pot was full already. What would he do with anything more? Even if he wanted to share it with others, where would he put it? This is the real contentment and it comes only through the grace of God. When you have full faith in Him, full reliance on Him, when you can surrender everything to Him, then that grace comes to you by itself – you do not have to ask for it or make any effort. Such is the value of faith in God.”

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  • James Bentley

    Wow, how true!
    last week I went to have a beer at the local pub. I met a man who shares an interest in fishing, so we talked and drank. We both liked the same brand of beer too. somehow, our beers got mix up, and I might have had some of his by mistake. after realizing my error, I offered to buy him a fresh beer as a sign of friendship and honesty. He took my offering, sipped the beer a few times and said I had enough, here you finish it. I did. However, a part of me was insulted because he did not finish the beer. I felt discounted.

    oh well, another moment!