Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 164 – The Path of Awakening

In this talk from 1987, Ram Dass illuminates the path of awakening that is waiting for each of us.

The Path of Awakening

On some level, we all touch states of transcendence. When we acknowledge this experience, our lives are changed. From that moment forward, the rest of our life is all the grist for the mill of awakening. Ram Dass explores the different ways that we come into contact with this new path of awakening.

“Once you have recognized that there are other realities, other than the one you have been familiar with, your life starts to change. I don’t care whether you got it from a joint; whether you got it from trauma; whether you got it from surfing; whether you got it from temple or church. Whatever thing you did that took you beyond yourself. Whatever it was, if you acknowledged it as real as what you have started from, you are on the way. That is what is known as awakening.” – Ram Dass

A Vehicle For Liberation (21:00)

Where do things like our careers, relationships, or our pleasures fit into our path of awakening? How can we make everything a part of our path of liberation as our journey unfolds?

“The game is that you take what is on your plate and you use it through which to become free.” – Ram Dass

Caring For The Intuitive Heart (30:00)

Part of the process of awakening is quieting the mind in order to cultivate awareness of the self-centered narratives our egos create. Ram Dass looks at how we can use meditative practices to listen past the distortion of the ego and get in touch with our intuitive hearts. How can caring for the intuitive heart allow us to deal with suffering?

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