21 Dec 2012
December 21, 2012

Episode 29 – Personality & Emotions


One cultivates spaciousness or awareness which allows you to acknowledge the emotions and see them as part of the human condition. Emotions are like subtle thought forms and they all arise in response to something outside yourself. They are all reactions. You cultivate a quietness in yourself that watches these emotions rising and falling and passing away.


In order for us to be able to make these teachings available to everyone, we need your support. As Ram Dass says, “When you see the Beloved all around you, everyone is family and everywhere is love.” We are all affecting the world every moment – our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another. So please do lend your support to help us make this vast offering from Ram Dass and friends accessible to all.

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  • Samit Bhowal

    Hi-m Looking Forward to exploring your website. Thanks

  • http://miamiacupuncturist.com robin grayson cohen

    i loved the podcast.especially re. letting go ogf anger & rightousness..

  • LaVette

    It’s been so long since I’ve visited the teachings of Ram Das. I’m so grateful to have found this site. I can remember years agao, handing out copies of “Be Here Now” to everyone who would take it. It’s like I never left. Namaste, dear ones, Namaste.

  • Bob

    Really helping me with some negative stuff, reminds me not to give energy to anger.

  • Frank

    This was a fantastic podcast! I especially found the ‘analysis’ of fear to be extraordinarily timely as I recently got myself lost in fear-ful thought patterns ie ‘what-if’ scenarios, unnecessary catastrophising, etc. I seem to have allowed myself to forget the wonderfull teachings of Ram Dass or another of my meaningfull favourites, Pema Chodron.

    What with this site and Raghu’s podcasts from the ‘Mindrolling’ site and was able to get back onto the right path. Thanks so much everyone!