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You and I are a part of a process that’s going on in our culture at this moment.    
And to that extent, we are conscious of that process, it’s easier for us to let our acts support that process while simultaneously holding the confusion we feel because the process is leading us in uncharted ways into feelings we have not had before.     
It seems to me we are all traditionalists, we are all modernists, and we are all ‘cultural creatives.’ To the extent that you bring it all into consciousness, you can feel the way it affects all of it.     
To the extent that you bring each aspect of your life under scrutiny, there is an opportunity to have that aspect of your life be something which supports transformation.    
I mean a lot of people are incredibly generous in the world, but with their family, they are very, very tight, and yet they’re bringing offspring into the world. Many people have greed in one corner of their consciousness and philanthropy in another corner of their consciousness. I’m not knocking them, but just to be conscious about it, to cope with it, to be with it, that’s the first thing.    
I’m not arguing for everybody to give up everything, It’s not gonna solve the problem.    
I’m saying the psychic cost of disparity between the rich and poor is incredible, and there are other ways to have structures in a society without it having the absolute toxic quality that it has in our society, in which there is guilt and denial and anger and righteousness and all this stuff.    
At what point in our lives do we stop and say, “What is this about?” “What am I doing?” “What’s my vision?” “Where am I going?” “What part am I playing?” “What has this got to do with it all?”     
We’re at a moment when this kind of world-collective awareness is on us, and we haven’t figured out remotely what to do about it yet, and how to live with it.    
We are trying to bureaucratize against our own greed, which comes out of our own fear, which comes out of our own sense of separateness.    
– Ram Dass

☀️Anytime of the day, you always can come back to the breath. Bring the breath as if you are breathing out of the middle of the chest, and with each breath brighten the light that sits in the middle.☀️ - Ram Dass ...

💫This is really what meditative practice is about. Is learning how to extricate yourself from the web of thought forms that are creating your own suffering.

Ram Dass shares the Antidote to Fear 🎥 on the BabaRamDass YouTube Channel

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“In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight.” - Ram Dass ✋🏻

This handprint lives on the back of the @alexgreycosm portrait created for Ram Dass ❤️

Compassionate action gives us an opportunity to wake up to some of our motives and to act with more freedom. It gives us the chance to put ourselves out on the edge, and if we are willing to take a clean look at what we see there, we can come to know ourselves better.  

We can’t, of course, change what is arising in us at any moment, because we can’t change our pasts and our childhoods. But when we listen to our own minds and stop being strangers to ourselves, we increase the number of ways we can respond to what arises.  

Then we know when we are resisting contact with a homeless person because of something that happened in childhood, and we know that now we have nothing to fear either from the homeless person or from the examination of our place in the economic structure. We are here right now, and we are free. We can either walk past the person, talk to her, give her some money, and go on, maybe reflecting on the causes of homelessness and its relation to our hot tub, or we can cross the street because we are still carrying around fear and protection from childhood and don’t want to deal with it today on the way to a meeting.  

Whichever we do, with increasing awareness comes an appreciation of our actions as they are, and then they begin to change. Even if we haven’t acted compassionately toward the woman on the street, we haven’t repressed the fact that she exists, and we aren’t judging ourselves; as awareness and acceptance increase, not blocked by our fears, we tend to act more humanely. It happens naturally... 

- Ram Dass, excerpt from Compassion in Action: Setting Out on the Path of Service

"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough."

- Ram Dass

"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough."

- Ram Dass


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