East Forest x Ram Dass: An album in four parts 2019

East Forest x Ram Dass 

Ram Dass Words of Wisdom Set to Music by East Forest

Ram Dass and composer East Forest join forces for a full length album.  

In June 2018, East Forest was invited to Ram Dass’ home in Maui to join in conversation and record brand new teachings from the legendary teacher. 

After capturing these words of wisdom, East Forest returned to his studio in the high desert of Southern Utah to compose the soundtrack for Ram Dass' wisdom.

The collaborative work features topics around technology, nature, soul, death, psilocybin, the idea of guru, circular thinking, witness consciousness, karma, the mind, as well as classic Ram Dass stories from his early journeys in India and more.

About the Album:

East Forest x Ram Dass

East Forest x Ram Dass will be released in four chapters  

Chapter I – January 25, 2019  

Chapter II – March 22, 2019  

Chapter III – June 21, 2019  

Chapter IV (full length album) – August 9, 2019  

East Forest scored music to accompany each teaching in a wide range of influences — from contemporary classical to chillwave electronica, electro-acoustic to stripped back piano songs.  

The new East Forest record also features guest appearances from the likes of Trevor Hall and Grammy nominated artist, Krishna Das, all framing Ram Dass’ teachings with contemporary voices and cementing Ram Dass into an echelon of relevancy and immediacy — offering a direct antidote for a highly polarized nation that is deeply in need of a universal voice of wisdom, connection and unconditional love.  

Listen to Chapter 1 Here
East Forest x Ram Dass Ch 1

Mind Karma feat. Trevor Hall (Music Video)

Enjoy the music video for Mind Karma feat. Trevor Hall. In this song, Ram Dass is speaking to how "Our Karma is Our Mind" and how we need a clearer view in order to see God.

I Am Loving Awareness feat. Krishna Das

Premiere track from the East Forest x Ram Dass album, is "I Am Loving Awareness" is a collaboration with acclaimed musician, Krishna Das

"As you’ll hear from “I Am Loving Awareness,” the track shared here, the music is a beautiful wash of violin drones, piano and wordless vocals provided by devotional singer Krishna Das. 

Popping up through it all like little bursts of color is Ram Dass, letting us know that one simple way to “get out of our minds, our thinking minds,” is to use the song’s title as a mantra."

-Robert Ham, Paste Magazine

East Forest 

East Forest has been the leader of underground ‘sound healing’ ceremonies around the world since 2008. Using music as a tool, he has trailblazed the field of organic tech, building bridges between the digital and natural world. Being fully independent and playing in the private shadows allowed the sound of East Forest to emerge: an emotional and spacious musical lexicon with a sound that took shape out of a practical need to play solo for five to six hours while guiding a room full of listeners in deep meditation. Live looping and layered keyboard melodies filled the musical space while angelic vocals and original field recordings floated above.  

Word organically spread and a devoted community shared East Forest’s early albums, many of which were live recordings captured directly from his sound healing performances.  

East Forest’s electro-acoustic ethereal sound continued to evolve and he found himself performing in a diverse range of settings from SXSW, Google, Mysteryland, to Grace Cathedral, Summit at Sea, as well as his own TEDx talk.  

More than a dozen albums later, East Forest continues to explore a path of emotionally driven music that pulls from ambient, classical, electronic and indie-pop genres.  

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