Chakras in the Body

If you think in terms of chakras, or energy systems in the body or connected with the body, there is the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, which are called the muladhara, sradhishthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddha, anja, and sahasrara. The first one is in the bottom of the spine, the second is sort of below the navel, the third is at the navel, the fourth is in the heart region, the fifth is at the throat, the sixth is between the eyebrows, the seventh is on the top of the head.

These don’t necessarily have any physiological correlates. They’re just psychic localizations of psychic energy, let’s put it that way, in this Hindu system, a Sanskrit, Hindu system I was talking about. Now, instead of doing an MMPI or a Rorschach you could also do a chakra chart, just like you could do an astrological chart. And these all tell you certain things. An astrological chart is like an MMPI one level back in abstraction. In the same way, a chakra chart tells, in a way, where the energy is fixed or localized in a person, where it’s stuck.

For most people in the Western universe, in fact most people in the world, almost all of the energy is located either in the first, second, or third chakras. The first chakra can be characterized crudely as being connected with survival and the survival of the individual as a separate being. It’s like we’re in the jungle and there’s one piece of meat and who’s going to get it, you or me? It’s a survival-of-the-fittest type model. It’s a Darwinian assumption about the motivations of beings. When you’re at that chakra, your motivation is to protect yourself as a separate being, your separateness. And the channel up which this is all going is called the Sushumna – think of it as a big river. You go in the river from Africa and the next stop is like the Riviera. See, you’ve got your security under control and now you start to go into sensual gratification and sexual desires and reproduction. You can’t be busy reproducing if you’re protecting your life, but the minute your life’s protected a little bit, then you can concern yourself with the next matter, which is reproducing the species. So the second chakra is primarily concerned with sexual actions, reactions, and so on – at the reproduction level. Procreative. Sex.

The third chakra, that’s like Wall Street and Washington and London. It’s primarily connected with power, with mastery, with ego control. Most of the world that we think of is connected with those particular centers. All the energy’s located there. People justify their lives in terms of reproduction or sexual gratification or power or mastery. And it’s interesting that pretty much any act we know of in the Western world can be done in the service of any one of those energies. So that a man can build a huge dynamic industry or we can say, “Aha, phallic,” meaning second chakra. Or a person can seduce many women in order to have mastery and power over them and we say, “Aha, concerned with power and mastery,” meaning third chakra. Doing sex in the service of third chakra.

Jung is primarily concerned with the fourth chakra. I would point out that there are still the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras, and these are in terms of other kinds of psychic spaces and ways of organizing the universe and understanding what’s happening. There are many theories that are nonmystical and there are theories that are mystical; there are theories that deal with transcendent states and there are theories that don’t. And when Jung starts to deal with his archetypes, collective unconscious and so on, he is starting to deal with the fourth chakra, which is the same thing as Buddha’s compassion. He is still in astral planes and he himself is afraid to go on, that’s quite clear. He goes just so far and then he stops, because he’s afraid that if he goes the next step, he will no longer be able to do what he does as Carl Jung. That’s a very tricky place, to be able to surrender to your game which you have certain mastery in, in order to go for more. But I’m afraid that everybody is driven to go for more until they can, in the depths of their inner being, say, “This is enough.” And they can only say that when it is. So the press of evolution on man’s consciousness is inevitable. There’s nothing he can do about it. He doesn’t really have much choice in the matter. He’s just got to wake up at the rate he’s got to wake up.

– Ram Dass, 1970

20 thoughts on “Chakras in the Body”

  1. Good one ,but it is not necessary that one should pass one chakra by another chakra. it is possible to bring the life energy (Kundalini) from mulatharam to forehead eye (anja) and to the sahasrara (rotate right sight for male and left side for female) by well talented master by his touch tantra method.

    Ganavallal paranjothi mahan is that kind of capable master.

    Visiti and also read his book I-GOD , if possible take kundalini upadesa and find your ultimate life purpose.

    This is just a sharing not like this in the only correct way.


  2. Franky, using Africa as the darkest part of your illustration just took away any glory you deserve for this article. You as a spiritual leader, should be well educated enough to find other things to illustrate your darkness rather than choose my beloved Africa. I have a feeling you are one of those myopic westerners making a living through the teachings of the Indians. You need help

    • You should read more of his stuff before you make such a negative blanket generalization. I particularly recommend his writings on compassion. 🙂

    • Kim i am very honored to read the words of such a realized being as yourself, the way you have no judgment and never make sweeping statements. I can not wait to hear about your teachings and books etc, please post a link to these so we can learn from you. Kim you certainly ended up here for some reason but to inspire and motivate is not one of them. Good luck Kim, i really mean that……………..

  3. Existe un chakra muy interesante que se puede percibir en la coronilla aunque como todos, pertenece al cuerpo sutil. Es bindu y te pone en contacto con la consciencia cósmica.
    Hablan de él como la escotilla con el cosmos.

  4. It seems that what we need to hear, appears. My hope is that each who hears will grow and, yes, “he’s just got to wake up at the rate he’s got to wake up”.

    • Those who have ears will hear. We do wake up at the rate we wake up, at the rate we allow ourselves to stop clinging to this or that.

  5. I find the statement of “most westerners are only in the bottom three” to be typical of an “eastern bias” that posits that ego, (survival) and passion (sex or sensuality) and mastery (power) are negative states to be transcended. There are no down sides really-all energy is valid and the best is to try to energize all of life’s possibilities and gifts. If ego, passion, and power are informed by compassion, wisdom, enjoyment (or enlightenment) and unity (the so-called “higher” energy) then all of life becomes sacred-yes even the ego becomes a tool to bring less darkness and suffering to the world. I know this is an early quote from Master Ramm Dass whom I love; no offense intended-just a thought. Also I wonder about asking for a monetary donation. I see Ramm Dass is a published author with many best selling books; makes appearances all around the world…etc….maybe you should donate to ME so I can spread the word. I am an unknown author, singer, poet and spiritualist. How about it? Again-no offense intended-I love your message and always have since I was a kid-just saying.

    • Actually it says “For most people in the Western universe, in fact most people in the world, ….”
      This was written in 1970 and Ram Dass no longer travels around the world but teaches at his home and on the internet.

    • I agree with the last part of your post.
      I don’t agree with the first half of it.
      Try seeing the ideas in the article (though old, still relevant) in a new way, in an unattached to ego way.
      I see no ‘Eastern bias’, and do not see the message that those are ‘negative states to be transcended’. Though I can see how one might view it that way.
      I seem them simply as descriptive of the chakras and their effect.
      Getting stuck at any of them necessitates, for that individual, moving on to complete the learning experience.
      It is similar to refusing to complete college, and insisting on remaining at third year.
      Third year is great, buy why deprive oneself of the entire lesson…

  6. I had to work real hard not to allow my ego to take offense to the “darkest Africa” analogy, and the other illustrations utilized. (Smile) I understand the context and time that it was written. I also understand that no human is totally able to avoid personal bias and experience, no matter how enlightened. I am able to listen beyond that usually, to get the entire message, agree or not. Blessings to all.

  7. I have a different take on this, the area of the body associated with the 3rd chakra is the solar plexus, our Sun Center, and a wonderful place to come from if we are clear and have no hidden agendas. I have also seen abuse and misuse of the so-called ‘higher centers’, and find that misuse is responsible for mind-games and other such control tactics. While Eastern thought has a lot to offer, I hope we are able to recognize synchronicity as Westerners in interpretation.

  8. Lots of incorrect information here, no offense… I use to confuse the Gates (from Chinese system) with Chakras (Hindu system) now I know better. They are in slightly different locations.

    Everyone has an Ajna center..some are more developed in some people. Ajna (6th chakra) is the switchboard for all chakras below it. Ajna is called the “will center” or “Christ Consciousness center.” Arjuna was a disciple of Krishna, totally loyal and dedicated.

    And at some point some people may meditate deeply and go within and experience the 3rd eye. Try to feel or see a small golden sun 3 ” in front of your forehead. Have your eyes in a gently upward gaze. Practice a lot for 6 months and you will have developed your ajna center.

    I think the 1st Chakra is at the base of the tail maybe a little lower. Real location of the heart chakra is 3 inches behind the spine outside the body. Ajna is 3 inches in front of the forehead. Crown (non persona) is 3 inches above the head. Heart is higher in vibration than Throat chakra. During a peak experience I felt something wonderful between the heart and throat.

    There are many minor and minute chakras. (I don’t recall where they are but I can find charts).

    “All the doors do open themselves, all the lights do light themselves.” *

    Don’t force.

    I believe drugs are not really compatible on the road to Enlightenment. Though I am familiar with the tales in Be Here Now. A Guru taking LSD and it having no effect on Him. By the same token there may be knowledge petals and states of being one cannot get to by force and drugs…(A. Crowley for one example).

    Crown is connected to 1st chakra (survival). The 2nd chakra is located where those little indentations are behind your spine (also 3″ out). Sacral Center is connected to the Throat chakra. Throat is creative. And Sacral and throat are connected to money. Interesting when asked where is the location of the Soul (I vaguely recall) Timothy Leary pointed to the head. And Ram Dass pointed to the heart. The Soul of course i everywhere equally present. (From my Esoteric Path).

    Monks have told me to be careful with chakras and I believe them.* The physical out-picturing there of) The 3rd chakra is literally 3″ behind your solar plexus & spine and is the power chakra. There may be many systems. I bet they all work similarly. Meditating upwardly at Ajna in silence is every different than those Shamanic practices that look downwardly. (Of which I have no experience really). But group work is powerful.

    And service to humanity and all the kingdoms of nature, essential.

    Compassion and Love will take you far maybe all the way. Pineal and Pituitary glands are needed for higher functioning (why I warn against drugs). In the meantime “Persona get thee behind me, I the Soul shall lead.” Really helps me to say this when I remember.

    When I meditate, do yoga gently and slowly (been a long time) or do the 8-9 tai chi moves (I have been exposed to) or swim I feel really good.

    For me, meditation is the answer. I admit I am a novice with prayer. Fairly certain these are the tools to enlightenment. (Along with watching every thought, word, action and feeling; care with diet; service to others). After all “Thou Art That.” At the least we are all a wave in the cosmic sea of God Divine.

    And then there are the rays.

    Love and Light will prevail. Om Shanti. Peace.

  9. Why does the word wall st have to be painted orange and red so often?
    Some are water Buddha and some are fire Buddha. Is it better to do evil then nothing. Some I trust do drive this economy painting with the whole spectrum of colors. I am happy that at 3:00 in the morning I can go to the skwuishi market and buy a skwuishi if I need one and not have to go hunting pigeons at 3:00 in the morning instead. I’m not knocking the hunters out there. But if they come knocking at my door and want a skwuishi well I would say that’s open for discussion.


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