Chidakash is the place where consciousness and love merge, where they become the same thing. It’s where the pure aspects of all qualities come together; a timeless and nameless space where everything is present, where you know everything, but you’re not attached to anything. There is no clinging, yet there is awareness of it all and an involvement in it all.

The game ultimately consists of having the chidakash wide open so you’re absolutely in perfect balance, while at the same moment you’re aware of the incredible pain in your heart, or the joy or the laughter and humor. The greatest teachers have all had that quality, and that’s what some of the teachers don’t have because they didn’t keep their hearts open. This was the place where Maharaji was and what he represented: keeping the heart wide open at the human level and at the same moment living in the chidakash, keeping it all perfectly balanced. If you close off your heart, your power as a teacher is diminished incredibly because you lose the empathy, the charisma, the emotional and personal love for your students. I mean, Maharaji really loved us in a real human-love way. At the same moment he was so lodged in chidakash that he didn’t get lost in mercy. He let us walk away with our own issues rather than get lost in the mercy of the heart. The heart is the merciful thing; the chidakash is the caring thing.

Many of us have had very aware teachers along the way, but ultimately we must find the way which resonates with the deepest part of our being; we are inclined to turn away from anything short of that. There are many stages in the journey to the top of the mountain of truth. In the early stages you have many different guides, some that will take you to incredible vistas, some that show you rock formations, some that show you flowers. But there is a point in the path where the teacher has got to be there to take you to the summit, which is the deepest commitment. The journey goes from eclecticism to a single path where you follow a lineage, a way.

Finally at the peak, all of the ways come together and you recognize the universality of the experience and that you are not the physical body, nor the senses, nor the mind. When these are all rejected, that which remains is pure love and pure consciousness – the Chidakash.


– Ram Dass