Ep. 116 - A Deeper Source


On this episode of Here and Now, Ram Dass explores a deeper source of psychological neuroses and touches on some of the most crucial aspects of the spiritual path.

Show Notes

Why So Serious? (Opening) – Ram Dass reflects on the ever-changing nature of our thoughts and perceptions. He calls for a sense of humor and objectivity through these changes, instead of clinging to momentary states of being.

“There is a need for a certain humor about your own predicament. If you take the room you are in, meaning the psychological room, too seriously it makes it more difficult to escape, but its walls are made of your thoughts. A person whose heart is closed, a moment later, could have their heart opened by seeing a little bird fly by. Somebody whose heart is wide open could suddenly have it turned icy cold when they see an expression on someone else’s face. You must realize by now how momentary all of our states are and how little there is to cling to them and hold on to.”

A Deeper Source (20:00) –  There are many neurotic behaviors and pathologies that have an origin that is much deeper than a psychological source. Ram Dass talks about the deepest issues that are connected to the process of spiritual awakening.

Mindful Parenting (27:20) – How do we approach clinging in our family life? Ram Dass discusses the role of attachment in the parent-child relationship.

“My understanding of the way in which a child grows is that you create the garden in which the flower grows, you don’t grow the flower. You can’t grow it, you can merely fertilize the earth and keep it soft and moist. You create a space with your consciousness that determines whether that neurotic pattern gets deeper into that child or whether it is seen as something that can be cast off because that it isn’t who he is.”

What We Take In (36:35) – We reflect on the ways in which what we eat affects our spiritual practice and the need to be flexible with our diets as we progress spiritually.

“It is best not to have a model of what is holy because it is going to have to be knocked apart anyway. Listen to your own heart about what you need, don’t let anybody else create guilt in you.”

Falling Away (42:00) – Ram Dass shares his thoughts on the significance of dreams and talks and interacting on other planes of consciousness.

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Photo by Delf Renniel Rivera on Unsplash