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FELLOWSHIP LIVESTREAM: Psychedelics, Mysticism, and Religion with Madison Margolin

March 7, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST

Madison Margolin

Psychedelics might be where God, science, and policy meet. Scientists at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance have defined the so-called “mystical experience,” according to several qualifying criteria, such as a sense of oneness or transcendence of time and space. What they’re finding is a correlation between the magnitude of a patient’s healing—when they undergo psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for conditions like end-of-life anxiety among cancer patients—and the magnitude to which they have a mystical experience. It’s through this encounter with mysticism that scientists are seeing progress in their research, and ultimately, this mystical aspect to psychedelic healing will be part of the mechanism by which psychedelic policy and legality shift in the coming years.

But it’s more than that: Psychedelics are forcing scientists to grapple with what indigenous stewards of plant medicine have known since the beginning of humankind—that there’s a vital, synergistic interplay among spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. What’s more is that the feeling of connection to community, the cosmos, the natural world, and other loved ones that psychedelics engender shows a critical relationship between individual and collective healing. Psychedelics, like spirituality and religion in its purest truest form, have the potential to connect us back to our integral essence. Having grown up “HinJew” in the Maharajji satsang—where Ram Dass was a close family friend to my father Bruce, a criminal defense lawyer who campaigned to legalize cannabis—I’m endlessly fascinated by how psychedelics can inform our sense of spirituality and connection to (or deviation from) religion. As a journalist, I’ve explored this question in particular regard to the Jewish world, seeing how entheogens like acid or ayahuasca, are helping people reconcile their religious identities, heal intergenerational trauma, and even reconnect to Biblical traditions and ancient shamanic rituals involving entheogenic plants. From Judaism to Hinduism, and everything in between, religion can offer a framework through which to understand and foster expanded states of consciousness and ultimate healing.

Madison MargolinMadison Margolin is a journalist covering psychedelics, cannabis, spirituality, and Jewish life. She is the co-founder of psychedelic magazine DoubleBlind and has written for publications like Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Vice, among others. Also a co-founder of the Jewish Psychedelic Summit and host of the Set & Setting podcast on the Be Here Now Network, Madison has traveled from cannabis farms in Northern California to underground ceremonies in Brooklyn to the shores of the Ganges River and all over Israel-Palestine, reporting on the role of entheogens in religion, culture, and healing. Find out more about her work here, or follow her on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.






March 7, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST
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4 thoughts on “FELLOWSHIP LIVESTREAM: Psychedelics, Mysticism, and Religion with Madison Margolin”

  1. I’m 80 years old and want to have a psychedelic trip to know what it is like not to have ego. I’m reading tons of books and trying to set this up with a friend as a guide to keep it low cost/affordable. I am thinking psilocybin. Do you think it is safe for someone my age to do this?

    Thank you .

    • Hi Valer , my name is Alan I’m 74 and 3 years ago I traveled to Jamaca for a week long mushroom retreat an amazing and surprisingly fun / scary experience. I think what helped me was a meditation practice and experience w pot. Which helped me prepare and interpret my experience once back to my normal life.

  2. I think this is an excellent breakdown on this subject and certainly I would recommend anyone who uses psychedelics to listen to this as the spiritual aspect and tips are so enriching. Being an outsider to this also, I have learned more about its value from this talk. I have worked with young people who tend to be attracted to experimenting and the links to spiritual aspects is something that I can always discuss and participate in.

  3. Synergy and integration between Psychedelic assisted psychothrapy and practices of yogas , trulkor; Tsalung, Qi Gong, let it go, mindfulness , mahamudra, dzogchen, zazen, loving awareness meditations.


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