“Meditation is good, one can attain a pure mind by one-pointedness and detachment. Meditate upon one point and you will know God.” – Maharaji 

Maharaji would sometimes say, “What do I know? England is so far off.” But sometimes he’d talk of England as if he’d been there. M asked him for a portion of the power that enabled Maharaji to see as far as England and farther. Maharaji laughed and said, “No. Gradually and by practice you can get that. It is not impossible; regular sadhana and putting up with any difficulty you come across.”

M started doing puja and meditation as instructed by Maharaji. Maharaji had given him a mantra and told him to start any way he wanted; it didn’t matter. After some time, when M and Maharaji were traveling by horse-drawn carriage, M asked Maharaji about the wandering mind during meditation: “It won’t stand on one point; but many ideas come in. What do I do?” Then suddenly a small child ran across the road and the driver pulled the reins to stop the horse just in time to save the child. Maharaji said, “Like that,” pointing to the driver holding the reins. “As the mind will travel here, there, and all directions, you should always try to pull it to one point. You should center it with continuous practice, then automatically it will go to the one point on which you want to meditate. Ultimately, after years, the mind becomes quiet.”

Excerpt from Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba, compiled by Ram Dass