If I’m Alive, I’ll Talk to You

On the morning of September 8, Maharajji called for me and we talked privately for three-quarters of an hour on various subjects. After that I saw him again at four o’clock in his room with two or three others.

He was saying to us, “All those who come into this world must go. Nobody will stay here. They must go. Knowing this, why do people at the time of death go “Whooooo, whooooo” (he feigned great weeping)? Why do they cry ? They should go gladly. They shouldn’t cry. After some general talk, he said, “Now I shall go. I won’t stay and I won’t give darshan anymore to anyone.”

One devotee asked, “Maharajji, where will you go that we people will not be able to get your darshan ?”

“Oh, too far! Too far!” Maharajji replied.

“Where?” the devotee asked again.

“Oh, there…near the Narmada River,” Maharajji said. (The Narmada River starts in Amarkantak, traditionally from the throat of Shiva.) The bus driver came shortly after that to take away all those people who lived elsewhere. Some man had just arrived and asked for a private darshan, but Maharajji said, “Baba Neem Karoli is dead! Who will you talk to now?”

The man laughed and said, “All right, if you order me to go then I will, but I’ll return at eight in the morning and talk with you then!”

Maharajji said, “All right. You come. If I’m alive, I’ll talk to you.”

Outside in the courtyard the Westerners were singing and had begun to shout in unison the traditional salutation, “Sri Sri Sri One Thousand Eight Neem Karoli Baba Santa Maharaj ki jai!” Inside, Maharajji commented, “Baba Neem Karoli is dead! Now their voices will have to reach there,” he said, pointing heavenward.

4 thoughts on “If I’m Alive, I’ll Talk to You”

  1. Looking back along my lives, I realize that my memories are the jewels of existence, the good with the bad and the boring in-between physical lives. At the end of the day, life is just an illusion. Tomorrow you die, returning to the spirit world and none of this will matter to anyone, except to those that keep the memories of you within their souls.

  2. This view that everything is insignificant and transatory without meaning, endlessly transforming in a great cosmic wheel, is unaware that every single particle and wave conspirers universally to create our persistent reality as a discreet eternal moment and is the prototype of endless universes becoming until everything knows everything.

  3. Recently my father was near death and hospitalized in Syracuse N.y. a day or two prior to this, I felt Neem Karoli’s presence very strongly like a grandfather loving me and protecting me completely. I had not felt this power from him in a long time.
    When I thought of my father or visited with him during that time, that fatherly love was so strong and expansive. While not a well man, my Dad is now out of the hospital. Somehow I think Neem Karoli was present during this near death experience. Ram,Ram


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