maharaji on love


The following is an excerpt from a Ram Dass lecture from Listening Heart, Relationships, & Appreciating the Beloved from the Summer of 1989. It is his response to a question from an audience member “What did Maharaji say about love?”


Maharaji on Christ:

“Christ said love all beings as children of God, serve them. Give everything to the poor, even your clothing. Give it all away. Jesus gave it all away including his body.”

How did Christ meditate, Maharaji? He was lost in love. He was one with all beings and he had great love for all in the world. He was crucified so that his spirit could spread throughout the world. He was one with God. He sacrificed his body for the dharma. He never died. He never died. He is atman living in the hearts of all. See all beings as the reflection of Christ.

Maharaji, what can I do to gain pure love for Ram? You will get pure love for Ram by the blessings of Christ. Hanuman and Christ are one. They are the same.

What is the best method of meditation? Do as Jesus did and see god in everyone. Take pity on all and love all as God. When Jesus was crucified he felt only love.

Maharaji, who are you? Everyone is a reflection of my face.



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