by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.

There is only one reason why we meet our guru: because we are blind to the indescribable love and the eternal light of our soul.

So when that timeless reality wants to awaken in us, it shakes us in some way, “Hey wake up you are not this separate person who appears for a short while, attached to its fears and desires, worries and hopes. You are love itself! You are the brilliant wisdom that knows everything. You are the unadulterated happiness you’ve been searching in all the wrong ways.”

This limitless compassion can take the form of a person.

“There he was, wrapped in his blanket, sitting about fifteen yards back from the road in front of a small temple. He was talking to two young sadhus, wandering monks. My feet stopped. Automatically, my hands moved together in front of my heart in the ancient Indian gesture of Namaste. I had the distinct feeling that a powerful force was pulling me up by the top of the head, like a puppet on a string. There I stood, completely mesmerized by the first sight of my guru. To this day I remember the smallest details of the moment—the expression on his face, his movements, the short stubble of beard, every single color of that plaid blanket.

“Maharajji sat there in a halo of dazzling light—the same light I had seen on the hill in Bavaria and again when Ram Dass was standing in the doorway of the restaurant on that rainy night in London. Here was that light in its most concentrated form, and it stopped the world for me. I couldn’t move, nor did I want to. My body and mind were completely still, my entire attention absorbed in what I saw before me. Let me just stand here and gaze at him without end! Let me bathe in this essence forever! When we are capable of perceiving the sacred, its essence can enter us through the pathways of the senses. This is recognition, a remembering, our own essence awakening to itself. Our eyes are opened in the moment of grace.

“After a timeless moment, he motioned his head that I should walk on. I did not comprehend. I was too awestruck to have a single thought in my mind. The sadhus were laughing; I must have been quite a sight, standing there stiff as a stick. Maharajji brought his hand out from under his blanket and waved me on. Finally I understood. I pranamed (bowed), and my feet began moving again. After rounding a turn in the road, Maharajji was gone from view. My feet kept moving while my heart burst its bounds and a wonderful warmth radiated throughout me. I realized there was no way my mind could explain what had just happened, but the heart knew. The heart knew.” (1)

It was on this day many years ago when the guru threw the puppet into the Ocean of Love. There it found that it was made of salt and that its only purpose was to melt. This melting, once begun, becomes inevitable until all that is left is that luminous sea from where all life came.

with love,


Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.
Annapurna Institute, Inc.
HeartSourcing Yoga

An excerpt taken from HeartSourcing: Finding Our Way to Love and Liberation, by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.