(Audio recorded on 9/26/1975 – Lawrence, KS – University of Kansas)

Part 1: Ram Dass discusses how our attachments keep us in the illusion that we are separate beings and that our true selves want only to reunite with the divine. If you have come to realize that there is much more about ourselves and the universe than we could ever know or understand, that there is a greater intelligence at work, then you have begun the irreversible process of awakening. –

Part 2: The lecture continues about awakening and the desire to merge with God. With stories and personal experience, Ram Dass talks about what it means to experience enlightenment, differences between experiencing it versus becoming it, and the battles one faces on the spiritual path.

Part 3: Ram Dass continues to lecture about the battles one faces on the spiritual path, including accepting given karma, working through acquired karma, unworthiness, self-doubt and other emotions and attachments that prevent you from awakening.