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If I am in my soul, when I look at others, I see their souls. I still see the individual differences – men and women, rich and poor, attractive and unattractive, and all that stuff. But when we recognize each other as souls, we are seeing each other as aspects of the One. Love is the emotion of merging, of becoming One. Love is a way of pushing through into the One.

We treat love and hate and the other emotions like they are all on the same level, but they’re not. Hate, fear, lust, greed, jealousy – all that comes from the ego. Only love comes from the soul. When you identify with your soul, you live in a loving universe. The soul loves everybody. It’s like the sun. It brings out the beauty in each of us. You can feel it in your heart.

In those early days of being with Maharaji, he would tell me repeatedly, “Ram Dass, love everyone and tell the truth.” At that time I could only touch that place for occasional moments. I was living most of the time on the ego plane. I could love almost everyone for short periods of time, but the truth was that I did not love everyone. There was that day when I was so angry with everyone and Maharaji came up to me, nose to nose, looked me in the eye, and said, “Ram Dass, love everyone and tell the truth.” He was telling me to take a different path and become a soul. What he was saying is that when I can relate from that soul plane of consciousness, which is who I really am, I will love everyone. That is my truth. It’s only taken me forty years to figure it out.  – Ram Dass

“Learn the art of taking your stand on the Truth within. When you live in this Truth, the result is the fusion of the mind and the heart and the end of all fears and sorrow. It is not a dry attainment of mere power or intellectual knowledge. A love which is illuminated by the intuitive wisdom of the spirit will bless your life with ever-renewing fulfillment and never-ending sweetness.” – Meher Baba, Life at its Best

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