In this continuing talk from 1992, Ram Dass explores questions about how we can best navigate anger and our incarnation here on Earth.

Show Notes

Who is Running Who?

How can we allow our ego to serve its role in our lives without identifying with the ego? Ram Dass explores this moment of the awakening when we realize that who we think we are isn’t who we really are.

“Its like you put on a space suit and it comes with a control center – little computer inside that runs it. The question is, is that who you are?” – Ram Dass

Voluntary Simplicity (18:25)

If we are not supposed to be attached, what about our personal possessions? Ram Dass shares a lesson he learned around attachment to possessions.

“I resolved to keep lightening my game as much as I could. But when you have beautiful things that are a part of the beauty of your life, of course, enjoy them. What happens is, as you keep becoming more light in your consciousness you feel less desire to collect stuff. What you have already is part of the beauty of your universe.” – Ram Dass

Here We Are (24:30)

How do we deal with anger, passion, and attachment to our “specialness”? Ram Dass looks at how we can create spaciousness and mindful awareness around our stuff as it arises.

“In life there are frustrations. There are angers, they will arise. The question is going to be how much your awareness clings to the anger. Not whether the anger arises, because there are justifiable reasons for anger.” – Ram Dass

Staying Open in the World (33:55)

Ram Dass looks at how we can operate in our day-to-day roles while maintaining an open heart. How can we act Dharmicly within the political system?