In this talk from 1986, Ram Dass reflects on how we relate karmically within our family as we grow and our roles evolve.

Show Notes

Karmic Consciousness

What can we learn from the evolution of the individual consciousness? Ram Dass explores the karmic evolution of consciousness that each of us move along at our own pace.

One Family, Many Paths (15:40)

How can better understanding our different karmic paths helps us better connect and support one another within our familial relationships? Ram Dass looks at the complex and diverse relationships with our different familial structures and how they relate karmically. Sharing a story from his life about how the dying process can change the roles within a family, presenting the opportunity for connection on new levels.

“You can have a family in which the whole karmic range is in one family. So it is with your kids. Your kids are unique entities that have come to Earth to do their unique work.” – Ram Dass

A Dharmic Family (31:40)

At what point do our families become a fertile ground for awakening and liberation? Ram Dass speaks to the possibility of finding freedom by fulfilling our familial roles through the guidance of the Dharma. He looks at our spiritual families, our satsangs and sanghas. At how we can use our relationships with one another in this family as a vehicle to get free.

“Families be a strangling type of thing that catches you or it can be a vehicle for your freedom. The way you use the family to become free is to become a Dharmic parent or a Dharmic child. You hear the role and you fulfil it impeccably.” – Ram Dass