Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 150 – Becoming Nobody

Celebrate the theatrical release of Becoming Nobody, the quintessential portal into Ram Dass’ life and teachings, with this collection of teachings featured in the film.

Becoming Nobody, from director Jamie Cato, represents the core arc of Ram Dass’ teachings and life. Through historic clips balanced with engaging conversation, Ram Dass shares the tools available to get free from our old roles and disguises.

Show Notes

Form and Suffering

What is your first reaction to suffering? Ram Dass looks at the role of the ego in our reactivity to life’s dark reflections. Exploring how our response to suffering changes as the hearts open through our practices along the spiritual path.

“When we face suffering, the first thing is that we have to react immediately – because we have to change it. That is the first natural reaction and is fed by our psychological ego. The recognition of suffering is a threat to the stability of the ego. The first step is to slow down.” – Ram Dass

The ego’s love always has conditions, Even in its relationship with God. Ram Dass looks at the way in which God’s unconditional love can open us to living in truth and loving without any strings attached. He examines the way in which meditative practice can bring balance to our perspective and relationship with the world.

“Once you see that the only thing that keeps you in your own head trips, of who you think you are and how you think it is, a lot of stuff that meant a lot to you before stops meaning so much. I don’t care if I am bald, because God loves me.” – Ram Dass

How can choosing love, even romantic love, bring us out of separation and into a deeper level of awareness? Ram Dass looks at the way in which the heart allows for the experience of grace and true being. How can we create the optimum environment for our hearts to open?

“What we are talking about here are very subtly varying techniques for working with where you are stuck. The doorway is through the heart, because through the heart love flows. The mind creates boundaries.” – Ram Dass

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