Ram Dass shares a dharma talk exploring the complex relationships we form through devotional yoga that become doorways leading to inner liberation.

Doorways For Getting Free

How do you get free starting from where you are at? Ram Dass looks at how we can find liberation through the relationship with a personal guru. He reflects on how Maharaj-ji has been that doorway to freedom for so many, changing the lives of countless individuals who have been drawn to him.

“It was all Lila with Maharaj-ji. You would be caught in the Maya, the illusory quality, and you would get completely lost in it. At the same moment, you were cleaning up your game just by being around him. The love and the simplicity and the whole thing was creating a space which was affecting the thousands of lives of the people around this being – but then there were other levels.” – Ram Dass

The Way Through (23:40)

Ram Dass speaks about how the relationship with his Guru would change as they encountered one another on different planes of consciousness. He shares stories about the different ways in which Maharaj-ji presented himself to different people, depending on where they were at on their inner journey.

“The love of the guru is the way to go through the doorway. That is the vehicle, the pure love keeps opening the door for you.” – Ram Dass

Guru’s Grace (43:35)

Even when we are unable to find love and forgiveness for ourselves, the love and grace of the guru are always there. Ram Dass reflects on the unconditional love that he received through Maharaj-ji and talks about the role of grace on our path to freedom.

“Grace is the speeding up of the return to the divine.” – Ram Dass