Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 168 – The Domain of Spirit

Ram Dass explores how spiritual practice helps us find a home in the domain of spirit and root ourselves in presence, even amidst all the suffering and pain of this world.

The Domain of the Spirit

Raghu Markus sets the stage for this Ram Dass dharma talk from Omega Institute in 1992. Ram Dass begins the talk with a dip into the liquidity of time, and then explores how spiritual practices move us in the direction of being home in the domain of spirit.

“When you have built such a habitual structure of self-definition on this plane of reality, on Earth, to awaken to the realization that [life is] beautiful being just what it is. And that there are places you can see it from that turn it from being a burdensome weight to being a delightful play.” – Ram Dass

Rooted in Presence (13:10)

Ram Dass covers many of the methods available on the path and how we can root ourselves in spirit and presence, even amidst all the suffering and pain in this world. He talks about defining our own limits and boundaries along the path, why saints are often referred to as the living dead, and a dolphin that just wanted to get his name in the newspaper.

“Many of us are afraid that if we get too free of our indignation or our upset about the condition of things, we won’t do what’s necessary to right it. But there’s another place to play from.” – Ram Dass

Compassionate Action (34:05)

Ram Dass talks about riding the waves of change without being wiped out by them. He explores the practice of compassionate action, inviting us all to open up a bit to the suffering of the universe. Ram Dass ends with a thought about the power of community, and how this culture alienates us from each other.

“The practice of kindness, of compassionate action, is something that draws you out of yourself.” – Ram Dass

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