Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 234 – The Awakening of the Soul

In this potent talk from 1976, Ram Dass explores the channels of perception of individual differences and how every experience in life is grist for the mill of the awakening of the soul.

Straight from 1976 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ram Dass explores:

  • The journey of awakening and the predicament of how we perceive ourselves and others
  • The different channels of perception of individual differences, from the physical level to the astral planes and beyond
  • How everything in our lives, including all the joy and all the suffering, can be used for the awakening of the souls
  • How a truly conscious being experiences all the different channels of perception simultaneously

“For there is something in us that knows, that knows the harmony, the flow, the total participation in the universe that a tree and a river and snow are all part of. And we know that when we transcend our separateness, the illusion of separateness, our intellect, that reality, we flow. There’s a place that yearns for that, and we look for methods. And we know that when we’re in the middle of a trip – cooking a bouillabaisse, knitting an Afghan, whatever that trip is – we can get moments of that flow.” – Ram Dass

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