Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 244 – A Love Song Between Form & Formless

In this deeply meditative recording from 1976, Ram Dass talks about going beyond form and intellect and then is joined by Krishna Das to chant a love song between formless and form.

“This is like a love song between formless and form, between Father and Mother, between the cow herdsmen and the Gopi, between Radha and Govinda.” – Ram Dass

In this episode of Here and Now:

  • In a highly meditative fashion, Ram Dass speaks about the spiritual journey and how it is a journey of the heart. The intellect, while an exquisitely powerful tool, cannot know the ultimate truth.
  • Ram Dass explores the forms we must use to get beyond the intellect, including meditative practices and chanting. He talks about the identities we create with our minds and how we were born into the illusion of separateness. But the way the dance works best is that we keep shifting forms and understand that all these forms will take us to that which has no form.
  • Ram Dass is joined by Krishna Das to chant “Jai Radha.” Ram Dass explains how it is like a love song between formless and form.

“I watch myself talking. I watch you listening. I watch our dance of personality and intellect. You watch, also. The judging, opinions, preferences, being caught by your senses. Are you comfortable enough? Is it light enough? Is it warm enough? Did you eat enough? Airplane overhead: sound or airplane? Shakti, energy, or interference? What does your mind say about that? Is it part of the Tao, part of the flow? Or is it an obstacle? It can only be an obstacle if you knew where you were going. And if you knew where you were going, you’re separating yourself from where you are, and where you are is where you’re going. Strange.” – Ram Dass

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