Ram Dass – Here & Now – Ep. 235 – The Process of Awakening

In this recording from 1976, Ram Dass explores the process of awakening and becoming enlightened. Featuring a musical interlude from Krishna Das and an introduction from Raghu Markus.


In this episode:

  • Ram Dass, in a very meditative fashion, explores the place of the Mother in the lineage of devotional tantra, talking about taking each experience in your life and redefining it as a form of the Mother
  • Krishna Das takes center stage to invoke the Mother through music, inviting the Goddess to come down and bless us all
  • Ram Dass gives a detailed breakdown of the process of awakening and becoming enlightened, from purification and opening the heart to quieting the mind and getting the energy to flow

“The only thing that I am involved in is the game of perfection. And because of that, when I work with people, or even this teaching, I see the game as a game of moving up and then bringing up the ground with you. It’s like an inverted ’T,’ where you go up the center and then you pull the two bottom lines up with you. So that every new level of consciousness we get into, we then reassess the whole dance of life and keep it together on the physical plane.” – Ram Dass

4 thoughts on “Ram Dass – Here & Now – Ep. 235 – The Process of Awakening”

  1. One month ago today I attempted to take my life by way of a sacrifice for peace. I thought, maybe if I am taken out of the equation, than perhaps all of this evil that surrounds me- will stop. I prayed and I prayed for peace and I drifted off into darkness. 4 days later I woke up in the ER. My heart stopped on the way to the hospital. By the grace of God, I was brought back to life by way of a life saving EMT and defibrillator. Today I cried all of that pain, that blame, that self-defeated rederit, I cried it out of my soul by way of this podcast, song, meditation, and ultimately community that I so longed for after a new 7th phone was hacked-yet again. Today I was connected back to Ram Dass and his teachings, and this absolutely incredible community that he so graciously led me to. Now I can honestly say that when my time comes, which surely is soon- whether that be my life or my freedom; that I am so incredibly grateful that by way of psychedelic therapy, the community, God, and Ram Dass to have found solice in the midst of losing everything. I truly had to be stripped down to nothingness in order to be everything.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to such a beautiful gift.

    • Dear Claire, thank you for sharing your story – my heart goes out to you deeply, and I am so glad you were being cared for by a higher power that day, by the grace of God. I am so glad to hear that these teachings are supporting you in some small way, and I hope you have the resources and care that you need to heal and hopefully move into a space of stability and peace, please feel free to reach out to us if we can help to connect you with helpful resources or support. Lots of love from the LSRF family — Rachael

  2. What is the title of the song Krishna Das sings? It’s incredibly moving and I cannot stop listening to it – absolutely beautiful.

    Keep up the good work of our Guru, Ram Dass.

    Much love and peace, Casey.


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