Ram Dass on Love

Welcome to the Ram Dass Love Playlist! The following is a video playlist of Ram Dass talking about love in its many different forms.

1. Tell the truth and love everybody – Ram Dass talks about his two instructions from Maharaji- tell the truth and love everybody. It’s so easy to tell little white lies to make others feel more comfortable, but it is what Maharaji asks us to do.

2. Real love – Ram Dass talks about how Maharaji showed Ram Dass the first view of unconditional love. He loved you no matter what. Maharaji’s heart turned on Ram Dass’ heart and then he could turn on other peoples’ hearts.

3. Love meditation – A meditation concentrating on unconditional love and Maharaji’s eternal presence.

4. Ram Dass and Marci Shimoff on unconditional love – Ram Dass talks with Marci Shimhoff who is a well known author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books for women. Her book Love For No Reason dovetails thematically with Ram Dass’ Be Love Now. In this talk Ram Dass relates how he arrived at the concept for Be Love Now and what unconditional love really is and how a being can become that love.

5. Ram Dass and friends on the love of the guru – They would feel Maharaji’s love, but then they would come up against their fears and their stuff and then he’d just kill it with love. Maharaji would just look at you and giggle and you would forget your stuff. So it was a process of opening to love and the closing off again and then he would open them up again.

6. Ram Dass and friends on the love of the guru part 2 – Ram Dass/Sharon Salzberg and Krishna Das. Ram Dass discusses how he was not at all upset by the “death” of Maharaji, because he just felt his guru change form, and now feels him everywhere.

7. Radiate Love Meditation – A potent love-centered meditation with Ram Dass.

8. Love Everybody – Ram Dass talks about the space of true compassion is that we are all one. We are all talking to ourselves when we talk to one another. There is the plane of the ego, the plane of the Soul, and the plane of the One. As you go on, you gravitate towards the one. Compassion comes from that identity of our oneness. When you help someone, you are helping yourself.

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