Transmutation of Energy


If I am at one point, when something happens in my field, my environmental field, that’s negative, what I say is, “That brings me down,” meaning it caught me in its model of how it all is. When I am able to transmute energy, I can take that energy that was connected with that act itself and I can move it up my chakras and get high from it. Right? Not only can I get high from it, but I can give back a place which frees the other person from it as well. That is, if you come up to me and go “R-r-r-r-r” I can be busy going “R-r-r-r-r,” see, or I can see you going “R-r-r-r-r” and say, “Yes, and that too is life and here we are and that’s the way it is.” And then I can look at you and be with you in a certain way where I took all that energy you fed in and it just pulled it up my spine and here we are in this new higher place together which then frees you from the place you were stuck in before as well.

Now, for example. every night for three weeks, I gave darshan in New York City in a sculpture studio for about two hundred people and more people kept coming and they kept coming back and more kept coming every night and it was just like a curve, a geometric curve, and just more and more we were getting higher and higher together. But the place was next door to a fire house and usually you could count on the fact that at least once or twice a night the fire engines would be called out. And we might be in the middle of chanting a love song to God, you know, in this very intimate sound and suddenly “R-r-r-r-r-r” and you’d look out into the audience and everyone was going through that pained “Oh, they’ve loused it up and we’ve lost our moment.” And I looked at that and I thought, “Wow, isn’t that far out?” Here all these high beings are being brought down by a fire engine.

What I do is, I see the fire engine is merely free energy the city of New York  is giving us if we know how to use it, and I’m getting stoned out of my head, getting way up into these higher chakras off the fire engine. And I’m saying, instead of seeing life as full of impediments to doing what your pre-run tape says you’re supposed to do, see all of it as part of the here and now moment. There’s the fire engine and that’s the way it is. You’re only bugged with it if you’re still living a moment ago where you were busy not having the fire engine. At the moment, here’s the fire engine. If you can live in the here and now, you should say, “Wow, here’s the fire engine.” Then you’re in a new state. That’s transmuting that energy. In other words, it’s getting high off of it.

– Ram Dass, excerpt from The Only Dance There Is 


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5 thoughts on “Transmutation of Energy”

  1. In first year University…it was New Years 1979, I was with my old friends listening to some music, zooming along tripping with PDQ Bach. The effects caused an unusual sensation, because it was really freaky, weird and spacey music. Suddenly, there were really loud church bells, that I thought were coming from the music. Normally, I think church bells sound beautiful, when in tune of course but these were not in tune and sounded clangy, an gave a very unpleasant vibe to my celestial nirvana-like state. The out-of-this-world ominous sound was making me freak out. I had to find out where the noise was coming from and it was outside the student apartment. I quickly ran outside to see what was happening and I got this further freaky feeling, as if I was the only one left in the world after a nuclear blast. It reminded me of the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” as that is how it felt, as if the earth stood still. For a moment I was terrified, as all new ways of seeing can be like this, when all of a suddenly I remembered this feeling on Daisy B, and thought, hey, wait a minute…this is just a projection by my mind because it is not use to this new perception or way of seeing. I had to hone in my fear, and think positive thoughts and I did pray a lot. What am I? I am not fear, I know what I am…I am Infinite and fortitudinous in my tenacity and what have you..Suddenly feeling powerful like a Greek goddess, I could stop time from that glitchy-freaky way it would “stop time” as it was so uncomfortable for me, a feeling of doom overcame me. By running from that feeling of staidness, maybe I could stop time from staying stopped by causing time to start up again…yes, it felt like I could restart the universe…(this is just a story, ok?) and got to reboot reality (how cool is that?). It was a mystical experience and I do know it was my faith that allowed the nightmare scenario to change. To have this happen to you, as with the fire engine freaking people out…oh yeah, I know how that feels…he he..when things are paranormal (not paranoid, although this could be too, drugs can make one very paranoid…he he). So by believing I was ok so fully, with spirit allowing to stay centered in me, all became diamond bright and glistening again. I thought of this for a few years (maybe 30 or more) and so I was ok with it…Maybe something else was projecting through me, a fight, flight or frozen reaction. Psych 101. Oh it is not that it wasn’t necessary to be fearful anymore. What are we? And since we have evolved from the reptilian brain, that to be this fully realized love being…How great is this? So Fantastic.
    When we get use to any bogeyman fear we experience it and get over it, we don’t dwell in it, because it is a reflection of a place of pain which is not resolved and feels wholly overwhelming at the time. Realizing that’s all it is, a primitive function, we can move past it, and into the good stuff again…I have helped people who were freaking out, who were having a “bad trip”, talked them down, set their minds on reset from this abyss of over-load. Not an easy thing to do, considering the nature of the mind. It was the spirit of love that did save us during these desperate situations, all that which was not centered get centered as the spin does tend to do this…So we don’t fear the psychedelic experience, and can see the illusions that the mind wants to project. We are not the mind~! We are spirit. The realization is our saving grace, we are not trapped by fear and made slaves to it any longer. It was only an illusion, we know where we are seated; on the lotus, always in that place of peace, never waiver, always in tune with the universal harmonies. So what’s to fear? We can make happen whatever we want to make happen with our co-creative intent set on LOVE divine, BEING always in the HERE AND NOW of this LOVE. Smile. Ahhhh…And it is with our positive attitude, even though the hallucinations of illusion may seem larger than life, It can never larger than love. We are love and nothing defeats love. Nothing. And yes, things may appear frightening and scary at first, this is the newness of the expanding consciousness, our brains become inundated with stimuli, and breath, and pray and center in the wholeness of the never-ending now. Thank-you Ram Dass…I totally related to this “transmuting the energy” when on psychedelics and have done this numerous times when faced with anxiety due to my reaction to fearful situations.By changing my reaction I could change my reality. We make our reality with our thoughts, dreams, visions, prayers, etc

    • So beautiful. Thank you for sharing that means so much to me. As well as Ram Dass for allowing this forum ( I intend to do further research!). Wow.. its all so clear, and highly relatable when I read things, however, within my own everyday life it becomes almost like a distant memory. As I write/type this, I hear “slow down”. Maybe that’s it. I feel like I’m ready but fear sticks it’s ugly two cents in and I really don’t like it! I look back on moments and ask myself “why didn’t you just do it?” It’s frustrating and I want to break through to higher vibration, higher and confident thoughts at all times! I don’t like it here.. 🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️

      • “Why didn’t you just do it?” – that’s ego asking. Wanting to ‘get ahead’, to be somewhere else, to only ever have “higher and confident thoughts at all times”, comes from ego. “I don’t like it here” – let’s sit with that for a while. All is welcome here. Resist nothing, allow everything. I love you.


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