• Michael Cunningham

    It says the video’s not allowed in my country (Australia), that’s not cool!

  • Starshine Diane Giese

    The last time I seen Uncle Tim was in Gainesville Fl in the 90′s when I was invited to meet with him at the reception after his seminar on campus…when I first walked thru the doors he pointed to me & said “Hello Starshine”. I walked up to him & said “how did you remember me after all these years”. He replied “How could I ever forget you!” We had a wonderful conversation…he was amazing as always.
    Of course Ram Dass has been in my life since 1973, where I met him for the first time in Taos, NM when he took me on my first meditation (with Hunaman flying thru the Universe with me hanging on his tail) then at the Lama Foundation in Questa, NM, Star route 3. Today I live on Maui, HI with Ram Dass only 15 miles away…I get to see him often…Baba Neem Karoli & Ram Dass are the love of my life…Jai Gurudev’s…Universal Love & Light…IndraStarshine

  • Richard

    not available in South Africa either….. again not cool

    • Rachael


      Since the video comes from the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) YouTube channel we have no control over the international availability. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Karen A. Trujillo

    The only time I ever saw Timothy was at a debate w/ audience questions & answers at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Co. Sadly enough, I can’t remember the Topic, the man he was debating , & year. My husband , at that time, asked a question that delighted him. Can’t remember what that was. He wrote a line for my ex on a piece of paper & signed it afterwards. I kept it in my “Be Here Now” book for yrs. w/ ex’s permission. Then when I pulled out the book, to pass on to my teenage grandaughter last yr., I noticed it was gone. Maybe meant to be; considering the scenerio of the need for the giving of it, at that time. Could anyone; however, refresh me on the stats of the debate that’s missing in my brain?