23 Aug 2012
August 23, 2012

Episode 17 – Yoga of Relationships


Ram Dass talks about relationships as a triangle with the third side of the triangle being shared awareness. He also talks about how the relationship of Guru and devotee has nothing to do with intellect. Raghu talks about Maharaji marrying westerners and relates a story of first being in India and meeting a Swami and confronting the idea of touching his feet.


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  • chandler

    i’m grateful for all you do

  • Shamilla

    Thank you so very much Raghu! I look forward to the podcasts every week. I look forward to reading Be Love Now as well!

  • samit bhowal

    can’t believe I found this little jewel but I did. and thanks for everything

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    Thank you for the podcast…I look for this every week and await it eagerly. It’s great!

  • Kayla-Faye

    Thank you!! Really needed this! Much love

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    this is my first podcast with Ram Dass. I wish to share this with my daughter on her first anniversary!


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    I needed this years ago :-)



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    Thank you!