Profound change is in the eye of the beholder…

To see through the veil of what our senses and thinking-minds make real, to the true self, feels often like the highest aspiration of humanity. When we do this, it’s as if we find our rightful place in the order of things. We begin to recognize a harmony that’s been waiting for us to feel and once we do this, it’s not only for the life hereafter or some abstract thing for later, it’s for now, and for the way in which we live our lives day by day.

To bring to your daily life a quality of awareness, an open- heartedness, a consciousness that understands the interrelationship of all things, means that you can begin to hear the way – the way in which you can live on earth in harmony with all things.

When you look around at the earth and at the way human beings live on the earth, you feel the pain of unconsciousness, you feel the pain of the ignorance.

So, I suggest to you that we have quite an agenda on our plates. We come together in order to quiet our minds, to open our hearts, and to develop a stance, a perspective towards life that allows us to be effective actors on the stage of life.

We do this so that you and I become instruments of love, we become instruments of healing, and we become instruments of wisdom.

-Ram Dass