In this talk from 1983, Ram Dass reflects on the journey into innocence and uninhibited loving compassion that we all share.

Show Notes

The Eye of the Dolphin

Ram Dass shares the story of a diver whose life was transformed by another being’s unbridled loving compassion.

A Journey Into Innocence (18:00)

What are the parallels between our journey of awakening and the journey into innocence experienced by the diver in the opening story? Ram Dass looks at the unfolding of our ego and patterns of thought that come through spiritual practice.

“Can you appreciate that you and I are on a journey into innocence? Not naivety, but innocence. The journey we are taking goes through bringing all this into self-consciousness in order to perceive, in order to release. To let go of it all and go back into innocence.” – Ram Dass

Calling Out (30:50)

Ram Dass speaks to our heart’s ability to reach out beyond the walls of our ego. He reflects on how our heart engages while the mind remains still when we are acting from the place of innocence and loving compassion.

Embracing Our Incarnation (42:50)

We look at how experiencing ourselves as a soul allows us access to a hidden strength within us. A strength that allows us to embrace our incarnation without identifying with it. Ram Dass closes with a reflection on the dramatic shift in our lives that that occurs when we stop grasping and pushing away – when we enter into the flow of the way things are.

“My method is to quiet down and move into the experience of myself as a soul who has chosen an incarnation as the optimum set of experience through which to awaken.” – Ram Dass