Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 165 – Innocence, Lightness

In this talk from 1989, Ram Dass shares his thoughts on how innocence is very much a part of the spiritual journey, the importance of humor and lightness on the path, and much more.


As you extricate yourself from the models of reality through practice, you regain an innocence about being in the world. Ram Dass talks about how innocence is very much a part of the spiritual journey, and also explores the art form of letting go of separateness.

“When I was with my guru, I got a sense that when your awareness gets free of the stuff of your mind, you are like a baby again. There is a quality of innocence… It’s innocent wisdom, it’s simple wisdom.” – Ram Dass

Humor and Lightness (27:18)

Ram Dass illuminates two aspects of the relation of humor to spiritual work. He talks about humor as a practice itself, and also the type of humor that happens as you start to see through the game, what he calls the ‘cosmic giggle.’ Ram Dass explores how easy it is to get trapped in the melodramas and storylines of life, and how very liberating it is to learn to take yourself lightly. You can even learn to deal with heavy issues with a lightness of being.

“A lot of the gurus had a certain kind of playfulness about them, because they saw through the veil, and they saw that everybody was caught in it, and they felt compassion for it. But at the same moment, it all seems so sweet. So sweet.” – Ram Dass

Truth and Faith (43:24)

Ram Dass explores using your intuition to find truth, especially when it comes to disembodied beings such as his friend, Emanuel. He talks about what’s in a name, and what it meant to be given the name ‘Ram Dass,’ which means servant of God. He ends with a discussion of what it truly means to have faith, and the miracle of a guru opening your heart.

“When my mind gave up, my heart opened.” – Ram Dass

innocence lightness

Get more on innocence and lightness from Ram Dass. 

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1 thought on “Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 165 – Innocence, Lightness”

  1. Did ram dass ever talk about a meditation technique that one can do to experience disembodied beings for themselves?
    I know he mentioned Emanuel but he always says the same things about how death is like taking a tight shoe and take the curriculum in life….but he never said how he met Emanuel and what happened before meeting him….like did he access the jhanas or do puja or drugs or retreats.


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